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Four simple tips to create delicious, quality meals at home
As families become more concerned about the quality of food they are putting on the table, many are realizing that getting back to the basics is one of the best ways to eat better and not compromise on taste. If you're looking for ways to improve your family meals it doesn't require a major overhaul of your approach to shopping or cooking. Often, just a few simple adjustments can go a long way.
Don't let garden insects destroy the fruits of your labor
Gardeners are familiar with the joy of planting and nurturing flowers, fruits and vegetables to maturity and the bliss of harvesting nature's bounty. One of the few things that can make that bliss turn into annoyance is an infestation of bugs. While many insects are beneficial to the garden, others can be very destructive. Arm yourself with the facts for handling insects in your garden this growing season.
Creating super summer snacks with grapes is a breeze
Early summer marks the beginning of the California grape season. These bite-size treats are the perfect snack - crisp, sweet and only 90 calories per 3/4 cup serving. Grapes are also very juicy, making them a welcome source of hydration as outdoor activities and temperatures increase.
How to make your salad the life of the summer party
As summer approaches, you're more inclined to opt for fresher foods and simpler meals. But lighter fare doesn't mean a boring bed of lettuce. There are plenty of delicious ways to get creative with your leafy greens, making your salad the star of the cookout.
Seize the summer with fun and good times wherever you go
The official start of summer is upon us and with it comes school breaks, longer days, vacations and social soirees galore. Summertime only comes around once a year, so make a pledge to make this summer the best you've ever had by planning ahead and staying in the loop about the season's hottest activities.
Pass the glass and pair the wine
You've been picking up a bottle of wine along with all the rest of your groceries for years. But have you been doing it right? Ever wondered why certain wines taste so good with certain foods? You're not alone. The answers are as simple and complex as the varietals you choose with your meal.
Seven tips for mindful eating
We've all done it - donuts on-the-go for breakfast, a burger in between meetings at our desks or pizza on the couch while watching your favorite primetime show. But how often do we take the time to really savor a food from the first bite to the last?
Say 'opa' to a better you with a Mediterranean-flavored lifestyle
For many, adopting a healthier lifestyle can be a huge challenge, especially with everyone's unique body shape, personalities and likes and dislikes. A program that works for one person, may not work for you. The good news is many healthy activities found in a Mediterranean lifestyle can help you say "opa" - a Greek exclamation of joy -- to a better you.
Back-to-school meals made easy with grapes
The summertime probably felt like it whizzed by, and now you're getting into the back-to-school mode. Luckily, you can keep a sweet taste of summer in meals and snacks with refreshing grapes from California.
Wedding ready: how to look and feel your best for the big day
As a bride-to-be, you invest huge amounts of time, energy and money to make your big day unforgettable. Unfortunately, all of the stress associated with planning a wedding can take its toll, and you may neglect your own well-being in the chaos. Inadequate sleep, poor diet and high levels of stress can leave you feeling and looking less than fabulous, but with a few healthy and sustainable adjustments, you can look forward to your walk down the aisle.
All-weather barbecuing: A guide to getting great smokehouse flavor
It's barbecue season, and no one's ever going to complain about a delicious cut of meat cooked over a hot flame, no matter how you slice it. But do you want to merely satisfy your guests' hunger, or have them talking for the rest of the season about that perfectly juicy and tender smoked pork they had at your house - and secretly wondering how to replicate it?
Stay healthy with the right amount of salt
Many Americans are becoming increasing frustrated with medical reports that advise avoiding certain foods like fats, coffee, alcohol and then later say that these things are actually good. When it comes to the question of how much salt to consume, however, the situation becomes much different since the human body needs salt to function properly.
Four steps to fit and fun summer living
Summer means longer days, warmer temperatures, and more time spent outdoors. The pleasant weather brings more opportunities to improve your lifestyle and start a new commitment to wellness. With a few tips, you can be on your way to fit and fun summer living.
Smart snacking that can boost your fitness routine
Eating right and exercising are the two most important elements of a healthy lifestyle. We hear it time and again that these simple principles hold more power than the latest fad diet, and for those who heed the advice, the proof is in the results. However, it's not always easy to figure out what's really good for you in the process of building - or maintaining - a healthy body.
Secrets to super steaks: Great grilling tips and techniques
Why is it that a steak from a restaurant just seems to taste better than what you make at home? Often, it's because the chefs in the restaurant know the secrets of great grilling. Here are some pro-level tips for achieving restaurant-style steak success this summer.
Women: Life-changing tips for better health and energy
Moms, career women, singles enjoying life with close friends and family, and even women approaching their retirement years - women at every life stage can benefit from adding simple activities to improve their happiness and health.
Pairing 101: Why care about the pair?
Food experts know that the right wine or spirit can enhance the enjoyment of any dish. The perfect marriage of the right wine and a flavorful meal creates a combination that celebrates and enhances the experience of both. With a few basics and simple tips, you can ensure that you enjoy your meal to the fullest.
Ten secrets for grilling perfection
From the way the charcoal briquettes are arranged to finding that perfect set of tongs, every home grilling expert has his or her secrets. For many, grilling goes beyond just a practical warm-weather cooking method and it becomes more of an art form.
The hottest restaurant trends and how they get their sizzle
You don't have to be a "foodie" to be aware of restaurant trends. When a particular ingredient or style of preparation is "hot," it will show up on the menus of everything from chain restaurants to fine-dining establishments. So what's hot right now in restaurant trends? And how do those trends evolve?
Add tasty edible plants to your landscape
Window boxes overflowing with blooms, decorative pots lining the driveway with striking colors, and even a flowering vine climbing up the mailbox - the growing season have arrived, and it is time to decorate the landscape.
Switching up summer: Unexpected tips that can make your gatherings memorable
Everything about summer should be fun, including the food. But if you always serve the same old burgers and potato salad, or hot dogs and coleslaw, your get-togethers could start to feel stale. Never fear: a few simple tips can really amp up your summer festivities. If you're looking to add some new flavor to your summer celebrations, consider these ideas.
Set the scene - and the table - for a perfect summer party
Simply put, summer is entertaining season. Patio parties come together at the last minute and long-planned events fill up the calendar months in advance. But no matter whether you're having an impromptu gathering or an invitation-only celebration, focusing on the flavors and sensory delights of summer will make your party a success, without demanding too much of your time.
Make food prep easy this summer by going raw
The hot days of summer are the perfect time to relax with friends in the backyard and sample delicious fruits and salads while sipping chilled drinks. Serve and enjoy the fruits and veggies grown in the garden. Serve these foods raw, because cooked vegetables can lose many nutrients throughout the cooking process.
Road trip snacks to fuel family fun
As Americans love affair with the family road trip hits full throttle, fuel the fun with these tips for enjoying delicious and satisfying snacks that can be eaten on the go. Stay hydrated by loading up on plenty of fresh fruits and veggies. Grape tomatoes, berries and carrot sticks are great bite-sized snacks perfect for small fingers. By choosing high-protein snacks with staying power, you'll keep your family's hunger at bay so your drive time flies by without hassle.
School lunch vs. bag lunch: What's best for your kids?
Bag it or buy it? What's healthier and what will they eat? It's a question faced by parents each school year. Often, there's an assumption that bagging is better, but there's also the convenience and choices of school lunch to consider. Good news: both the tray and the tote can be winning meals. A few important facts can help make this year's lunchtime decisions a breeze.
All-new snacking holiday gives America something to celebrate
Certain foods and holidays are synonymous - Thanksgiving and turkey, Halloween and candy, just to name a few. But did you know that many foods have holidays all their own? From National Pie Day (Jan. 23) and National Chili Dog Day (July 26) to National Mustard Day (Aug. 4) and Homemade Bread Day (Nov. 17), hungry Americans have something to celebrate almost every day throughout the year. But until now, one of the country's oldest and most popular foods, went unrecognized.
Sophisticated or sweet, frozen pops are summer's hottest DIY treat
Making your own pops at home is the hottest food trend this summer. They're cool, delicious, fun and easier to make than virtually any other frozen treat. Plus, with the right combination of ingredients, they can as easily be a sophisticated dessert for a grown-up soiree as they are the perfect snack for a kids' party.
Six tips for boosting back-to-school success
Excitement, anticipation, anxiety - back-to-school time is filled with many emotions for both kids and parents. By planning ahead, parents can make gearing up for the start of the school year a fun experience that eases the transition while boosting enthusiasm.
Where can you find the best barbecue?
Weekend getaways and barbecue are practically synonymous with summer, so why not combine the two? Here are some of the best areas around the country to discover whether you like your barbecue pulled, sliced, shredded, wet or dry.
Tips to provide your child with a fun, nutritious school lunch
School is back in session and parents and children alike are gearing up for a new year and all the fun and chaos that go along with it. Whether it's your child's first ever school day or the last year before college, it's important to take a moment to check off all the things they will need for a great year - and a healthy lunch is right at the top.
The secrets to successful outdoor entertaining
When friends and family gather at your place for a party this summer, what will they remember most about your backyard? The lovely landscaping and delicious food you served, or uncompromising weeds and stinging bugs? Make that lasting impression a positive one by creating an outdoor environment that's both comfortable and enjoyable for everyone.
Summer entertaining made easy
Summer is in full swing, and that means more time for friend and family get-togethers, outdoor dining, and overall fun in the sun. Whether your outdoor gatherings are small and casual or formal, large-scale events, here are some tips to make your summer celebrations a big hit.
Tips to make the most out of summer
No matter what your summer plans are, everyone is looking to have a great time with friends and family. Keep the summer exciting with new activities and snacks. Trying new adventures in good company makes for lasting memories. Here are some ideas to make the most out of your summer.
How do you get people to come to your party? It's all in the invitations
Great invitations can be key to getting people to attend your party or event. Here are some tips for customizing your invitations to grab attention.
Spring time is grilltime
As the evenings start to linger a little longer and winter's chill becomes a more distant memory each day, there's no better way to celebrate spring time than by getting out of the house and enjoying it. Firing up the grill, whether you're cooking for friends or family, is, without doubt, the best way to get your outdoor entertaining started.
Restaurants team up to offer kids more healthy dining options
Summer has officially arrived, and with it, the busiest restaurant season of the year. Families will use the soaring temperatures as an excuse to get out of the kitchen and opt instead to dine out, savoring a taste of summer before the season ends. Regardless of the season, healthful menu options are a growing trend.
Keep cool this summer with fun and flavorful frozen dessert recipes
As temperatures climb this summer, cool down with tasty and colorful frozen treat recipes for your next backyard barbecue or pool party. Offer everyone's favorite summertime treats - ice cream, sherbet and sorbet - in unique and unexpected ways, such as in refreshing beverages, delicious cake bars or whimsical parfaits. Mold frozen ingredients into bite-size treats using melon ball scoops for mini ice cream sandwiches, or use ice cube trays to make mini-popsicles as mid-afternoon pick-me-ups. Here are some additional ideas.
How cheese can take your grilling from average to amazing
The sun is shining and the smell of charcoal is in the air - it's officially grilling season. Eighty-five percent of consumers will take to the tongs for some outdoor grilling this summer, according to the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association. So what's on the menu? Try these smokin' tips and juicy recipes that will make you say "cheese please" at your next backyard feast.
Tips to bring fun back to the most important meal of the day
Each morning, many Americans across the nation face a struggle that, when gone unrecognized, can have a serious impact on their quality of life. The issue at hand? A condition commonly known as a "seriously boring breakfast." Here are some tips for making an tasty breakfast that will start the day out right.
When parties move outdoors, try these simple ideas
Warm weather and outdoor entertaining go hand in hand. Sit back and relax this summer with family, friends and great food at your next backyard barbecue. No matter who or how many guests, you'll want to create a memorable gathering that keeps people talking. Plan your next summer celebration with these no-fuss party ideas.
Last-minute fabulous: quick tips for summer celebrations
The weather's warming up, and people everywhere are gearing up for the summer season. For many, with it comes the opportunity to enjoy outdoor parties and share great meals with friends and family. Preparing your home for summer entertaining doesn't need to be a lot of work; in fact, with a few quick tips, it can be downright easy. To make your summer soirees a breeze, read on and get ready to greet your guests.
Mexican food pairings inspired by today's hot flavor trends
The summer party season has officially begun, meaning it's time to plan fun get-togethers with family and friends. Food is central to any great celebration, but you don't need to spend hours in the kitchen to create a unique and tasty menu. You simply need some great tips and easy tricks for pairing tasty food with refreshing drinks and party success will come naturally.
New research shows health benefits of salt
In a recent New York Times article, award winning science journalist Gary Taubes describes the considerable efforts and expenditures made by government public health agencies to support and promote salt restriction, despite clinical evidence which does not support population-wide salt reduction strategies. Here are the facts you need to know to support the health of your family.
Stake your claim as grilling guru with America's classic: the cheeseburger
As Americans fire up their grills and the smell of charcoal pervades the blistering summer air, cheeseburgers claim the spot as the paramount menu item from coast to coast.
Three delicious reasons to fire up the grill this summer
Baseball and apple pie, the Fourth of July and fireworks - summer is the season of great, all-American pairings, and few shout "summer" more effectively than the combination of grilling and fun. You know summer has truly arrived when friends and family gather in the backyard to share some grilled goodness.
Invest in family-healthy diets by growing half your plate
This summer, consider adapting your family's eating habits to mimic the MyPlate graphic developed by the United States Department of Agriculture. Although most on-the-go families don't eat that many fruits and vegetables, it's easy to do, especially if you plant a garden and buy from local farmers markets.
Preparing for the perfect summer barbecue gathering
Gathering with family and friends in the summer helps to create enjoyable memories of afternoons and evenings spent with delicious grilled foods, fun games and good socializing. <br/>Organizing these gatherings isn't difficult, and with a little practice, you'll be known by your family, friends and neighbors as an expert, both in organizing an excellent outdoor gathering, and in your grilling techniques.
Ham on the grill? New life for an American classic
Summer is here, and with it comes the aroma of delicious home-cooked meals prepared for family and friends out on the grill. To keep dishes interesting and to serve crowd-pleasing meals, you'll need just the right recipes and ingredients.
Pack a school lunch they won't want to trade
Packing school lunches filled with healthy, appealing and creative foods is an excellent start to encouraging children to make sensible food choices now and in the future. But if lunch items you pack are less than appetizing, it could be the next item of trade in the cafeteria: a risk not worth taking in the age of nutrient-deficient and calorie-heavy school lunches.
Up in smoke: Don't let a grilling mishap ruin your cookout
Grilling is an American tradition and summertime staple. Most of the time, grilling cookouts go off without a hitch but accidents can and do happen. Each year, grilling related accidents send an estimated 20,000 people to the emergency room and cause a reported $75 million in property damage. It's smart to know these basic tips for safe grilling.
Keeping snacks light
Hunger pangs between breakfast, lunch and dinner can strike even those with the most nutritious meal regimens. In fact, snacking recently has become popular; 97 percent of Americans snack daily, up from 71 percent four decades ago, according to a new study from the Journal of Nutrition.
Professional grilling tips for the perfect backyard barbecue
Grilling season has arrived. The unique flavors of sizzling meat on a hot grill are loved by Americans young and old. Whether you're an enthusiastic foodie or a simple family chef, it's time to get outside and perfect the art of the barbecue. If you're new to grilling, it's easy to make some wrong turns. No one wants to end up with dried out chicken, burnt steak or flavorless ribs. When you're cooking, keep in mind a few tips from the pros.

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